The Long Awaited…

I’m excited. This is my first blog post, ever. Feeling all nervous for no reason, because what could honestly happen? These are just words on a screen… 

I love telling stories, not always in the most obvious way. Sometimes I just try to tell a story by staring someone deeply in the eyes. That’s often perceived as a little weird and intense. Oh well… I once came up with the word ‘confidently awkward’ to describe myself in these situation. Just keep on smiling, little crazy one!

So why this blog?

I have so many ideas flowing through my head. I thought it would be nice to create a little space on the big wide web to write down some of them.

I had this plan for a long time. Some people know I have been saying this for years: “I want to write a blog!” Allright, just do it, they say. I will, I will! Tomorrow! Or wait, maybe I need more time to think about it, to plan, to make it perfect. So I postponed it again. Endlessly. But then today, this rainy cloudy day, I found myself googling again “how to create a blog”…

And now it’s here!

I am already really happy that you exist, dear electronic notebook! I have many other notebooks, made out of dead trees, and they can be very nice as well. I like the feeling of putting ink on the paper and drawing letters into words. But this is different. I want to try it, see what happens. A wanna-be writer’s experiment! To try, to explore, to share…

Thank you for sharing this experiment with me:

Welcome to my little thought garden!


One thought on “The Long Awaited…

  1. Earlier today I decided intense would be the word of the day. So satisfying you use it in your very first blog 😁


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